This is a science fiction podcast about conspiracy, robots, and getting along with your coworkers. 

Nicola Wanless

Co-Producer, Writer, Web Design, Co-Director

Nicola Wanless is a Vancouver based writer, and holds a BFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. The Rest is Electric is the result of a script that they developed in late 2018 as a final project in UBC’s writing for new media class. Previous credits include, Signal (Globe Theatre), Submerged (Brave New Playrites), Dynamis Lost (Calgary Fringe Festival) and Haunted FM (Calgary Fringe Festival).

Wei Qing Tan

Production Manager

Wei Qing Tan is a student of the Production Design and Technical Arts program at the National Theatre School of Canada. Prior to NTS, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology and stage managed productions in Fredericton, New Brunswick with companies such as Solo Chicken Productions and Theatre New Brunswick’s Theatre School. She assists the TRIE team with stage and production management work (and sometimes serves as their one-person hype team). She’s grateful for the opportunity to work on such an exciting project.

Patrick Jeffrey


Patrick Jeffrey is an actor and theatre maker who grew up on Prince Edward Island and lived for half a decade in St. John’s, Newfoundland. An alumnus of the National Theatre School of Canada, he has performed professionally in companies including Repercussion (Amanda Kellock, Montreal), Sweetline (Danielle Irvine, St. John’s), and the Confederation Players (Greg Doran, Charlottetown). Favourite roles include Romeo (Romeo and Juliet, Danielle Irvine), King Charles II (Nell Gwynn, Krista Jackson), and Captain Falcon (The Game, Angelica Schwartz). His screen work can be seen on the Discovery/Netflix original series Frontier, and the upcoming film Moment One (Ewola Cinema). 

Patrick has written plays that have been produced in the Island Fringe Festival (Oh, Prometheus!, 2013) and the St. John’s Shorts Festival (Brûlé, 2017). He holds an advanced open water diving certification and In his free time he loves cycling, canoeing, reading, and playing guitar. 

Reach him on Instagram: @joecassowary

Or email:

Paul Warren

The Foreman

Paul Warren is a Scottish voice actor currently based in Edinburgh. After developing a love for acting through youth and community theatre, he took up online voice acting as a way to keep in practise when he left his home town. Over the past few years, he has voiced dozens of roles in games, podcasts, animations and audio books, narrating for in60Learning, speaking a fake language for Twirlbound's game "Pine", and rasping through a trailer for the "Fallout: Miami" mod project, with over 7 million views on YouTube.



Sohng-ee Hahn

Ms. Casella

Michael Wanless

Co-Producer, Sound Designer and Engineer, Director

Michael is a recent graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada from the Production, Design, and Technical Arts program. They have worked professionally as a sound designer since 2013, including the 2013/2014 season with Third Street Theatre in Calgary. The Rest Is Electric is their first foray into the world of podcast and non-theatre sound design, and they are very grateful to have the opportunity to explore this medium. They have also worked in live sound mixing for over a decade, with experience working in large concert venues and outdoor festivals. Their interests are wide ranging, but of particular interest to them are queer stories as well as other marginalized and under-served communities.

They can be reached at, and their sound portfolio can be found here

Anna Morreale


Anna Morreale is a multidisciplinary Actor and Artist currently based in Montreal. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Anna grew up doing theatre in the community and at school. They are about to finish their second year at the National Theatre School of Canada, in the Acting Program, but before studying at NTS Anna spent a semester abroad in London, England, studying classical works of theatre at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. This is Anna’s first experience in voice acting and they are so grateful to have worked with such an amazing team of artists and friends!

If you would like to contact Anna, please email or you can find them on instagram @peach.snapple ​

Espoir Segbeaya


Born in Munich Germany and raised in Nelson BC in the magnificent mountains of the West Kootenay Region, Espoir is an Afro-Canadian actor, storyteller, and performer of music across many mediums. Espoir seeks to stretch the perimetres of her definition of theatre daily. Community, ensemble, and chaos are her guiding principles. While Espoir is a classically trained singer, her true musical aspiration is arranging music for many voices.
She believes that when she dares to accept herself, her heritage, and work for inclusion of others, what is produced will always be more grounded and true.
She is a recent grad of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting program.
In 2019-2020 at NTS, she performed in Burning Vision- directed by Mike Payette and played the titular role in Nell Gwynn directed by Krista Jackson.
She is a black woman. Her pronouns are she and her. You can call her Espoir, Akossiwa, Zozo or any name that rings true.

Instagram: @zozo.spice 

Julia Gascoine

Graphic Design

Julia Gascoine is a visual development artist and a graduate of the Visual Communications Design department at Alberta University of the Arts. She works freelance on a variety of projects, specialising in animation, and she's always thrilled to be supporting fantastic stories at any opportunity. Currently she is based in Vancouver, working as a VFX coordinator.

Her work can be seen online at Instagram: @julia.gascoine

Or her portfolio site:

Additional Voices

Anna Shepard

HR Worker

Kathryn Kepke

Advertisement Voice

Kayla Ross

Elevator Voice

Laura Elaine Couch




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