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About The Podcast

The Rest is Electric is an episodic, narrative driven podcast set in a cyberpunk future where humans and robots with fully developed artificial intelligences (AIs) work side by side. Our podcast explores ideas surrounding consciousness and humanity. This exploration is backgrounded by Somnotech, a monolithic tech empire that places profits well above the best interests of its employees. How capitalism, greed, and fascism interact and often coexist symbiotically is something our team is very interested in looking at through a fictional lens.

In the year 2109 a human named Jordan Mede works at Somnotech, a company that specializes in building, marketing, and selling sleep pods for humans and robots alike. They are suddenly transferred within the company to the manufacturing department, where the work is entirely done by robots with human-like artificial intelligence. While the transfer initially seems to have been due to a clerical error, after a bit of digging Jordan starts to suspect that there's something more sinister going on.


An MP3 version and transcript of the trailer are both available in the downloadable version of our press kit.

Cast and Crew

Bios and contact info of the cast and crew can be found on our website here.

Production Crew

Co-Producer, Writer, Web Designer, Assistant Director – Nicola Wanless (they/them)
Co-Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Director – Michael Wanless (they/them)
Production Manager – Wei Qing Tan (she/her)
Graphic Designer – Julia Gascoine (she/her)


Main Cast

Jordan – Anna Moreale (they/them)
Decker – Patrick Jeffrey (he/him)
Fiona – Espoir Segbeaya (she/her)
The Foreman – Paul Warren (he/him)
Ms. Casella – Sohng-ee Hahn (she/her)


Additional Voices

Susan – Laura Elaine Couch (she/her)

Waiter – Melanie Howe (she/they)
Advertisement Voice – Kathryn Kepke (she/her)
HR Worker – Anna Shephard (she/her)
Elevator Voice – Kayla Ross (she/her)
Title Voice – Michael Wanless (they/them)
Credits Voice – Michael Wanless (they/them)




Distribution: The episodes are available directly on our website, or through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or most other major podcast directories.

Social Media: Twitter - @restiselectric
Instagram - @restiselectric
Facebook -


Schedule: Episodes are released every other Tuesday. The first episode of Season 1 was released on May 26th, 2020. We are currently on a mid-season hiatus until August 18th, 2020, and the ninth and final episode of season 1 is scheduled for release on September 29th, 2020.

Support: Patreon -

Tip Jar -

Funding: Season 1 was funded by a Theatre Engaging Communities grant from the National Theatre School of Canada, as well as through Patreon and individual donors. 

For Season 2, we are seeking funding through an Explore and Create grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Accessibility: Transcripts of episodes are available on our website here. Additionally, we have plans to remaster the audio files as mono files and make them available on our website for those who experience hearing loss in one ear, or who are better able to listen to a mono file for any other reason.

LGBTQ+: The Rest is Electric is queer-created and features LGBTQ+ characters. We are strong proponents of diverse representation in media, as well as diversity behind the scenes.

Media Coverage

Character Breakdown

Jordan Mede (they/them) – Human. Works in Manufacturing. Formerly employed in Marketing.

Decker H-249 (he/him) – AI. Works in the IT Department

Fiona Prior (she/her) – Human. Works in Marketing as Ms. Casella's assistant.

The Foreman (he/him) – AI. Head of the Manufacturing Department

Ms. Casella (she/her) – Human. Head of the Marketing Department.


All images have been created by Julia Gascoine (

and are available in the downloadable version of the press kit

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