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Episode 2 - Lunchtime

The best part of any work day is lunch. This episode is mostly lunch so you can live vicariously through the characters.


Episode 4 - Something Sinister

Jordan is best served lightly scorched. Also, does anyone at this company ever get any work done?


Episode 5.5 - Decoding Complete

Your messages are ready.


Episode 7 - No Chip Involved

Instead of putting all of their organizational efforts into infiltrating Somnotech, Jordan, Decker, and Fiona should just be unionizing.


Episode 1 - Transferred

Jordan arrives to work... late, Decker 'takes a meeting', and this is our premiere episode!

Episode 3 - There's No Such Thing as a Blood Cult

I prefer to get my coffee from the futuristic, non-proprietary, Seattle-founded mega corporation.


Episode 5 - A Group of Similarly Concerned Coworkers

Hot office tip: if your boss asks you to have a one-on-one meeting, quit right then and there to be safe.


Episode 6 - Regarding Loyalties

Ms. Casella seems like a great boss. Who wouldn't love a supervisor that wants to talk to you as little as you want to talk to them?


Episode 8 - Short Range Communication

Let me just say this about James Bond movies: I’ve seen all of the Daniel Craig ones, and yet I couldn’t tell you a single thing that happens in any of them.

Episode 9 - Out of Sorts

It’s our Season One finale! Instead of an open door policy, you could say that the CEO has an open vent policy.